We add value to your agency

Why work with us?
We specialise in taking away the hassle for you and your agency by helping your contractors find a compliant payroll company and also offer valuable advice.

It is very important that when your contractors use an accountancy or umbrella company that they use a compliant service.

We take compliance very seriously and only compare prices of compliant contractor accountants and umbrella companies taking away the worry for you.

Help & Advice

We understand for new contractors the thought of sorting their own payroll can be daunting, especially when they are unsure how it all works. 

With this in mind, we offer a service where we will speak with your contractors and explain to them how it all works cutting out all the jargon, allowing you to spend more time on filling your roles.

Choose Your Own PSL

Our team can give you a personal link that you can send to your contractors. When clicked, they will be presented with the choice of payroll companies of your choice.

Divert Sales Calls

Our team will supply you with a diversion number to give to the payroll companies that call and regularly sell their services.


We feel it is important that your contractors are confident, that's why we offer constant support for you and your contractors ensuring everything runs as smooth as possible.

Saving Money

Your contractors can save money by using our services as we work on their behalf to ensure they get great deals if setting up an account with our compliant partners. 

We constantly create innovative ways to make yours and your contractors life easier. Keeping our services simple and useful.

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